Wisdom's Rude Lover

by Patience Worth

Patience Worth

Gently, brother, gently. Have reverence!
Remember, wisdom is an aged thing.
Be not flippant; be not pertly jestful.
Gently, brother, gently. Remember, the bones
Of wisdom hang them loose together!
Gently, brother, gently!
Gently, brother, gently. Remember,
Remember, wisdom hath been wooed long!
Thy fervent kiss is not her first, nay,
Nor thy troth her first, nor last
Sweet offering. Gently, brother, gently.
Be not o'er fretful. Remember, remember,
Wisdom is a grave, grave lady,
And thy ardour is a paltry blast
To that which ages have offered her.
Stand well upon thy tiptoes.
Purse thy lips, oh impudent lover!
And receive one short touch
From wisdom's lips; mayhap her cheek
To thine for one holy instant.
But be not over-boastful. Tomorrow
Some lout shall rest upon her bosom,
And thou shalt wonder didst thou dream the thing
-Or did she kiss you?

Last updated January 14, 2019