I Am In Pain For You

I am in Pain for you (Jesus)

I am in pain for you; I am again and again in pain for you
I am Jesus the one you are crucifying,
Remember I was bruised, beaten and ridiculed,
I never gave up, because of the pain I feel for you,
I remember you every day, all day and all night,
When I was dragged in chains through the city,
When some laughed and some felt the pity
When I was slapped, smacked and jacked
I only held on because although I was in pain,
I thought of how you would be disappointed if i did not finish the race,

I am in pain,
Can you see the pain in my eyes? Can you feel the strain in my shoulders?
The shoulders are bleeding as I carry through the city the cross,
How can I not do it for you, even when God suffered a great loss?
He knows, I Know you know that it had to be done for you,

Imagine the big chains in my hands,
Imagine the heaviness of the cross in my shoulders,
Imagine the heat, the whipping and the smothering I got,
It was painful, it was tough, but because I love you,
It would have been more painful to just stand there and not give myself,
I am in pain when you keep sinning and do not come back to me
I am in pain, I am in pain,
This pain is too much, but my love is more than the pain,

Patrick Neo Mabiletsa

Patrick Neo Mabiletsa is a consultant at one of South Africa's major Consumer and corporate credit bureau, specializing in credit management, he's also an author, poet and singer, he plays the drums and likes to read non-fiction books, but most of all he is a believer in Christ Jesus and married with two kids. He gets his inspiration to write from his life experiences and monotonous past.

Last updated April 11, 2013