The Heart of snow

Images spinning round and round
Drowning in these horrific sights and sound
My bermuda triangle deep within
Inside its core, suctioning

Intense pressure swarming in
Can't escape these scenes within

The atrocities, bloodshed and massacre, widespread
Holocaust, genocide, annihilation bred
Inhumane slaughter leaving thousands dead

Brutal torture stems from the hands of flesh and blood
What is this then that causes the veins to flood?
Is this world a butchery compared
With all of your dexterous butchermen ahead

Unable to contend, unable to visualise, unable to comprehend
What is this now, a new wave fashion of a killing trend?

This excrutiating pain that engulfs my soul
From visions alone with gripping hold
What then is pain from pain alone?
How can one bear this bodily nightmare?

Cannabilism ripe, suicide debris
A life is a life, can you not see?

Is your conscious in a coma, are your senses dead?
Have your heart become numb
At that very moment u pulled the trigger on tht detonated bomb
Leaving shattered fragments of lifeless souls
As if in a soccer match scoring goals!

Mutiny, Mutiny, Mutiny
Has white now replaced red
Has your plasma evolved into snow
Are you immuned to tears shed?

Plotting and scheming
Manipulating and strategisng
Not realising, Destabilising your own

Double standards weeding
Extremists seeding
Undermining your own

Your world is my world
Do you agree?
My world is your world
Can you not see?

Extend your hand and pull me out
Amidst this whirlpool cycloning about


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Love life.

Last updated June 16, 2013