by Lee Scher

At this point in the summer
whatever forces usually bind me
to other people, work, and genuine affection
seem to weaken
and things just want to drift apart.

Like in late December-
that other time when America goes quiet.
Then the lucky ones who chose to live in synch with society
go on vacation, or gather around the hearth…
while those of us who chose to find our own rhythm
are left to build our own fire or sit in the dark.

At this point in the summer
I feel like everyone has had enough of me,
and I’ve been told in no uncertain terms
to go sit by myself and make sure I’m good and ready
before I rejoin the group.


Lee Scher grew up in the suburbs outside Washington D.C. and lives in Portland, Oregon. He is a contemplative psychotherapist, who specializes in working with people who've experienced trauma in relationships, and his way of working is deeply informed by Buddhism and Jungian Psychology.

Last updated January 08, 2017