Note to Self about the Weather

by Lee Scher

Sometimes a fire ignites in the body
when it has accumulated too much old debris.
Like a forest, it knows how to burn away what’s dead.

The weather can be so relentless here;
Month after month of darkness and rain
Then all summer it doesn't rain at all.

How could this not be a sign
that something is desperately wrong?

Please remember: what's happening here
is not a punishment, or a reward.
No matter how heavenly or grindingly hellish
It's nothing personal- It's just the weather.

No matter how loud or angrily you shout
at the sky, it will never respond.
Still, there is a conversation to be had,
If you're willing to be still
long enough to let the weather
penetrate your skin.

August 3, 2013

Lee Scher grew up in the suburbs outside Washington D.C. and lives in Portland, Oregon. He is a contemplative psychotherapist, who specializes in working with people who've experienced trauma in relationships, and his way of working is deeply informed by Buddhism and Jungian Psychology.

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