Anxiety Strikes

by Frank Sheehan

Like bolts of light
when you least expect them
amidst a storm of delusions

your anxiety rises
perpetuating feelings
of stress, strife

tempestuosness permeates tranquillity
peppered by delights,
psychotic meanderings

tripping through hours
of useless trepidations
belittling your dreams

by delusional afterthoughts.
Masterminds tempt your reality
as prepositions enliven

daily soliloquies ambiance
totally relinquishing life's
obliterations of serenity, peacefulness

You ponder ramifications
forced upon you
by the winds of fate.


Frank Sheehan's picture

Frank Sheehan is a widely published American poet having been published since 1996. He was born in Manhattan and currently resides in Long Beach, New York.

Last updated December 20, 2016