A Small Glass of Water

by Joseph Bejcek [POEWHIT]

One small glass of water.
The waiter said, "THAT WAS THE ORDER".
In the pantry the man looked at me.
We have no water, LET IT BE.
What will I tell him, HIS MAJESTY !
OFF WITH MY HEAD ! It seems to me.
Oh your honor, the panty said, "LET BE".
WHAT ! No water in my kingdom.
How can this fate, NO FREEDOM !
But, what, after this - TO SEA.
Find me some water - ON ONE KNEE.
That is your quest - NOW FLEE !
Yes your majesty - a crusade it will be.
For a small glass of water.
Call all in quarter-YES, Even the porter.


Been writing poetry for years. Have poetry books DREAMS 1, 2, 3, plus other books. Have a good day.

Last updated February 15, 2017