An Angel's Cry

by Justin Taylor

Like a raindrop,

falling from the sky.

Like a never ending pain,

growing in another’s eye.

Saddened by the world,

and its unexplained tragedies.

From a boy or girl,

that faces a dramatic ending.

A heart breaking,

while the truth becomes a lie.

It feels like the earth is shaking,

as an angel cries.

Look at what we’ve become,

as we turn against our brother.

When we need to pull together,

for the one who lives up above.

But as the smoke begins to rise,

we start to lose sight.

From where our destiny lies,

which is within God's eyes.

So as we continue to deny,

what has been written between the lines.

Then we will forever live in a life of crime,

As we hear an angel’s cry.

Justin Lee Taylor

My name is Justin Taylor.I live in Smithville, Tennessee.I enjoy writing poetry.It helps me get out my true emotions and write them down on paper.My dream would to one day become a poetry writer.

Last updated June 24, 2015