Between Twenty and Thirty

by Robert Lloyd Jaffe

If you ask me now
with little time left,
when it was
that life felt best,
I will surely consider
those years between twenty and thirty.
Though in that time,
the greatest joys
had yet to pass:
marriage, birth;
a wife’s hands,
a son’s eyes, a daughter’s mirth—
there was something that changed inside
between twenty and thirty.
What fancies me most
from that time and place,
are those who didn’t have a need,
but found value in my face;
and in a subtle way
between now and then,
played their part
in my switch from pencil to pen.

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I am an observer and listener of the music of life. Where I find cadence, I find my interest and passion directed. It can be sound, light, smell, or purely an experience of thought. The sky, the sea, the mountains, and the machines that allow me to explore those places draw my attention, and give me serenity.

Last updated May 06, 2016