by Tommaso

When you are a child.
A canvas is made.
A canvas of your life.
Your... "Life canvas."
This canvas is painted with your first emotions of life.
Such as sadness and happiness.
This sadness is the same color and the same texture as the sadness you feel when you grow older.
That's the canvas of life.
But as you grow older.
Your canvas changes.
Your friends and your family can change this canvas.
They would color your canvas for you.
They would leave notes on the canvas.
They would erase others notes.
That's the canvas of life.
But when You grow older.
People can change your entire canvas.
With the drama of highschool and college.
Your canvas can be completely changed.
The small notes that others have written can become larger and more exaggerated.
You may lose control of what you can do to your canvas.
That's the canvas of life.
But when you grow older.
Your children effect your canvas.
Your canvas looks as if it was a baby's canvas.
Your children color your canvas with emotion and feelings.
That's the canvas of life.
But when your life is coming to an end.
Your canvas is plastered up on a wall with all the other people who had grown old.
But then why does your canvas matter.
Being same size of others canvases, how does yours stand out?
Well if you wrote and colored on others canvases.
If you made others canvases beautiful, Your canvas will be well known.
At the end.
What really matters is what you left the world with to remember you.
Maybe it's a book, maybe it's how much you helped people, maybe it's how much you showed your compassion towards others.
Bur it the end.
Your canvas will be there.
For someone to remember.
~Tommaso James Jozwiak

Tommaso James Jozwiak

I have experienced a lot of life. Even as a fourteen year old, I still have thinking sessions where I question the meaning of life and other unsolvable questions like why do we exist. When I was having one of those thinking sessions I decided to write my thoughts on a piece of paper and BOOM there was a poem right in front of me. I decided to wait a while before I could show my parents the poem because it was near and dear to my heart. I wish to write more in the future.

Last updated March 27, 2016