Cold And Lonely Nights

by James Moody

Children crying in the night
To sounds of merriment
Mother appears to quiet their fears
A moment quickly spent

The sounds are loud then muffled
As the bar door swings wide then shuts
The people there don’t seem to care
The drunkards and the sluts

The cold of night will not relent
Through the one thin blanket shared
Little brother’s pleas do grieve
The older if he dared

To search and tell the mother
Of the dark consuming fright
Yet like before, there’s only more
Of the cold and endless night

These nights that pass, to the child
Are longer than the days
Of warm sunshine and happy times
The anguish of it stays

The child now grown to man
Is strong and knows no frights
Still deep inside he tries to hide
From cold and lonely nights

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I am age 67, a retired construction worker., Father of 5., Grandfather of 16, great grandfather of 2., Enjoy reading and writing, mainly poetry., Enjoy music of every kind.

Last updated April 05, 2016