Growing Up

by Franci Welcker

You had a little girl, with coffee brown eyes,
She wanted to grow up, but you didn't know why,
Being young and free is good you explain,
But the little girl wouldn't listen, as you talked in vain,
You had the little girl wear short black bangs,
She grew out of them quickly, and brushed them away,
She used to be a Tom Boy eager to play,
Now its make up and jewelry that gets in the way,
When she begs to where dresses at school to impress,
You shake your head afraid she'll soil the dress,
You would cut her hair short, like a little Dutch boy,
Until she convinced you to grow it longer, to you it would annoy,
She went to school and made more friends then you had expected,
While at home she went sad, feeling unrespected,
Fights and arguments at home tore her apart,
Your comments towards her, hurt her a lot,
Your style vs. Hers, and guess who had won,
Her life became dull, as you sucked away fun.
She grew a little taller, each and every year,
She hurt your feelings not wanting to be near,
She wrote in her journal, and composed many stories,
You went through her room and snooped in the morning,
And ranked on her when she got home at night,
About what she can read, and what she can write,
What friends to hang around with, as if you had a clue,
When she tried to defend them, you called her rude,
Now she's mortified your still dropping her off,
Standing with her, at the morning bus stop,
While her friend's parents are better at letting go,
You keep holding on, so you'll never know,
How embarrassed you make her in front of her friends,
How deep you cut her, with insults that won't mend,
How small you shrink her when she's in a good mood,
How awkward you make it, sitting in the same room,
She never knew how to keep you content,
Trying to think your words were not intentionally meant,
As you keep building barriers and keeping her in,
You never thought over you, she would pick her friends,
Now she's a teenager in whole different stage,
Your little girl left, and I took her place.

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Hi, my name is Franci, I am 13 years old, and enjoy writing stories and poems. I want to become professional someday, but first I need feedback about the stuff I've got now, and if what I call "talent" is real, or just my imagination. Thank-you.

Last updated January 15, 2017