Daylight Full of Night

How can this daylight be full of night

and the globe deflate on this unreliable plight

because yesterday above the roses the sun had hung bright

all the joy now seems out of sight, out of lives

the world is doomed in this nightlight

for the day hasn't come in years and never might

All men pray, children fly kite

oblivious of the end in this mythical light

End of love, end of the world, end of the daylight

trusting this imitation by few Antichrists

Men may die overwhelmed by regret and fright

That they had never seen the daylight

Because the days of darkness were not days but nights

Akanksha Rai Sharma

Akanksha Rai Sharma's picture

Student pursuing Btech at Maharaja Surajmal Institute of Technology, New Delhi

Last updated December 04, 2015