by Shahid Nawaz

I denied you several times
I denied your very existence
But I hate to say that
In every denial, I
Found you back

To escape from you
I went from east to west
I knew, in west, you don’t live
But like shadow, you
Followed me everywhere

Running from shadow
I went from light to dark
In dark, I found infinitude
I lost myself, but there
I saw my shadow

Never had I wanted to admit that
I’ll, ever, praise you, but
I hate to say that
In my denial
Lies you

You are complete, I don’t see that
You play hide and seek, I know that
You need not be defined, I also know that
You are not confined, I know that too
You make and break rules, that, too, I know

I know that, you need not be followed
I also know that, you love to be defied
In past, I know, you were loved. But
Don’t expect, I’ll, ever, love you, because
I live in different times, don’t you see that

You need not be real, because
Being real is
Not in fashion, any more
Not only books, but
Everything’s gone virtual

I’m sad for you
You think, you’ll reappear one day
Never ever try that, because
Your competitors will
Badly beat you, I know that

Don’t send middle men, past’s gone
Don’t send more books, they’re virtual now
I hate to say that
Your books will be burned, and
Your middle men will be killed

Let them destroy each other
Let them make enemies
Don’t bother
Don’t even expect that
They’ll come back to you

It’s new world, lab-based
Some would say, they found you
Others would rule you out
Worship turned lab-based
New world and new rules

Humans come with
Curiosity syndromes
Bother by it
They’re, in search, of
Breaking news

Ultimate news is not
News for tomorrow
You must come and go
Sometimes in front, and
Sometimes behind the scenes

Shahid Nawaz

I received PhD in theoretical information physics from University at Albany-SUNY, Albany, NY., After PhD, I strongly felt that physics is not just what is defined by the laws of physics, it changes when the laws of physics are defined differently., What a poet, for instance, sees, a physicist cannot see that., I place poetry, fiction, math and physics, etc. all in one place., If one's mind is unable to separate different aspects of reality, it is better to keep it that way

Last updated January 17, 2016