The Prophet

by Shahid Nawaz

Here I come, your prophet in modern times
No books, no miracles, and no gods
Don’t ask me to fly, or raising the dead ones
No angels, no verses, but theorems

I can’t hold it, it bothers me over and over
I’ve to spit it, it’s getting clearer and clearer
It makes me dance: spinner and twister
If ’t makes sense or not, that I don’t care

Don’t trust me, what you see is not what you get
Telling you, fire is cold and ice is hot
You’ll come back to me, that you don’t forget
Listen carefully, I’m right, long story short

I’m out of mind. Go away, high and wasted
Don’t follow. From left to right, I shifted
I’m aging. Let me finish the game before that I’m dead
Who cares? I’ve to say it loudly that there’s no god

Night is gone. For what I did I now regret
Follow the pattern. Sober at day and intoxicated at night
Look. Don’t you see it? I just hallucinated it
Shhh! I can smell it. Yummy and sweet

No one can find me, b'cause from a fake account I tweet
Look around: back and front; and left and right
I, Might be, sitting in seat next to that seat
I don’t carry notes but gadgets that are smart

You are naked. Day and night, you are watched
My devices can, anywhere, find you. You’re locked
Scary huh! You are an open book and I’m closed
But the closed book is empty. From it, the pages have flied

Page by page, it spread all over the place and ’t continues to spread
The story of it is perfect, word by word and from start to end
Prose, after each cut, changed to verse and the verse changed
to multiverse when the story twisted

Twister never stops to spin. ’t keeps going the story and interested
All are after the ultimate end but it is so endless and frustrated
In fact, everyone is after that prize so as to be called noble when awarded
That’s how, in billions of dollars, the multiverse is sold

Time is money. From buyer to seller it shifts and ’t continues to shift
From poor to rich, it travels. Rich buys present and poor is sent to past
Poor are deceived that future is theirs. But, tomorrow never comes, in fact
Too sad! The story, when completed, was sold to one who didn’t write it

The story teller is alive but the writer. The writer of the story is dead
From the writer, the story was stolen. The writer was then killed
The teller is a fake prophet. He lies, he’s not the author. He must be hanged
Day and night, high and wasted

The writer is dead but his account is still active. Don’t know who runs it
Don’t know how was that unencrypted? Some says that
it is a combination of dogs and cat
Others say, “No, it is GodsAct”.

The profile says that the account holder is a male, and single again
In “about” it says that his girlfriend (GF) was gunned down by a man
It, further, says that in past she was in relationship with that person
On the front page, the picture is of a star that is red but broken

The status reflects a mood of revenge. It’s updated twenty four/seven
His followers are in millions, but he follows back only thirty one
Mostly, he talks about his dead GF who was killed at the age of forty one
He also claims that he also makes prediction which’s off by plus/minus one

In photo album, there are photos of naked men and women
Woman is represented by a curve and man by a straight line
Lines are drawn with blue and curves with a red pen
They come in couplet: curve-curve, curve-line, and line-line

The curve-line represents D which is a letter
Line-line represents ll which is a number
Curve-curve makes o which’s again a letter
Doll is obtained when combined altogether

All his followers are color-blind
They see only blue and red
Both red and blue are interpreted
Blue is the beginning and red is the end!

Shahid Nawaz

I received PhD in theoretical information physics from University at Albany-SUNY, Albany, NY., After PhD, I strongly felt that physics is not just what is defined by the laws of physics, it changes when the laws of physics are defined differently., What a poet, for instance, sees, a physicist cannot see that., I place poetry, fiction, math and physics, etc. all in one place., If one's mind is unable to separate different aspects of reality, it is better to keep it that way

Last updated January 17, 2016