by Tze-Min Tsai

I'm good at digging
The hole in your heart
And live in it
Out from time to time
Recaptured some of your sourness
And used bloody thin sutures sealed
Salt into marinade as a side dish with wine
Full of spicy

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Tze-Min Tsai, was born in August 1957, from Taiwan, a beautiful island in the South Pacific. Talking about literature, particularly fond of writing about the country's poetry, prose and fiction. Almost all of the original, are in Taiwanese or Chinese, among them, Taiwanese is my native language, while Chinese is the official language of my country. For me, English is a foreign language, although I also expected to use this language to complete my writing, but, unlike those who have English as a mother tongue, this will not be so easy.

Last updated July 05, 2016