Dying tears’ serendipity

Murky skin of hers wander
Past breeze that clench tales
Her dress rags her hide
Remaining shards to veil her shame

Drunken eyes lament
Vanity she once possessed
Swollen eyes among other parts
Now a hue of red

Exposed burns and cuts
Creased fingers and palm
Thirsty hands grieving
Etched on skin, a psalm

Of minarets and domes
Romances learnt and forgotten
Yet stare down at her
With blunt devotion

Walk through a boulevard
Into a desert so rave
Sun bounces off the sand
Sand endures the pain

Recasting pain in her eyes
Wind rages in its entirety
Transitory tear-trails on cheek
Dying tears’ serendipity

At the chin, salty beads
A mortal ocean gathers depth
Plunges onto her torso
Diffuse and rejoices death

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Biomedical Engineer turned Software Engineer, Poetry Believer, Art Dreamer, Indian Classical music lover, Teacher, Spiritual Seeker...

Last updated July 08, 2016