by Jason Dywane Wilkins

There is no breath, except she breathes
No sight, without her gaze
Bereft her laugh, all sound would cease
Anon, my soul would fade
I can but claim a single hope
That our love know forever
And bind our souls with Heaven’s rope
That naught could chance to sever
Then, in that great expanse of death
Wholly, I’ll not die
For, locked in kiss, her cosmic breath
Will fill my every sigh

Jason Wilkins was raised an army brat with a hero complex, living in various parts of the world. As a teenager, he co-founded a group for poets, called the Amarantos Mystery, and a form of metered poetry, called Rictameter, along with his cousin Richard Lunsford II. As an adult, he served in the US Navy and continued to write poetry, entering various contests online and spreading his verse across the world wide web.

Last updated November 22, 2015