For a Hero

by C Jordan Farmer

Her heart is broken but she holds it inside, not daring to let them all see
The destruction he left, that her soul’s close to dead, that she keeps forgetting to breathe
Not even a glimpse of the tears shed and dried into the fabric of her pillowcase
It’s so hard to be strong, not to break down, not to cave under all the weight
Waging a war to maintain facade, in the moments she’s so close to shattered
This is no way for a hero to be, residing in a world left so battered
She’ll choke back her pain with the break of the day, push it all out of her head
She’ll let it all out behind closed covers, as she notices the empty in her bed

C Jordan Farmer was born on a cool night in the nation's capital to a young Soldier and his wife. He began writing at the age of ten, but didn't write anything remotely good for six years. Since then, the pursuit of his muse has taken him through war zones, sleepless nights, three continents and countless pages of false starts. He currently lives in Bemidji, Minnesota, with his notebook and a bottle of rhubarb wine.

Last updated October 26, 2015