Griffins & Sirens

by Aaron La Lux

Winged Creatures,
Hieroglyphic images,
Symmetrically symbolic pyramids,
pyros when,
the fire’s lit,
the torch lights,
the Hieroglyph of Hiram La Biff,
where Man meets Myth,
between real and fake,
what does it take,
to prove something exist?

Or existed,

they persist when,
you won’t utter a word,
but when you speak to them the straight truth,
they think you’re either absolutely insane or outta your mind absurd,


if real mystics exist,
with power beyond what you believe,
and they wielded those powers for their own good,
why in the world would they want you to see?

The Light is real,
even if most people are blind,
remember this timeless truth,
Seek and Ye Shall Find,

what will be,
and what has been,
what’s happening now,
and how it’s come to happen,
what will exist,
and what exists,
what’s existed,
well written in Hieroglyphs,
we translate with verbal hieroglyphics,
because we are both cursed and gifted,
and Athenians,
human instinct,
mixed with technology from aliens,
different beings,
appear at different times,
written history is written history,
it doesn’t mean it’s either all true or all lies,


actually it’s both,
Universal Law is universal law,
it’s not up for a vote,
the Supreme Being is God,

and all else,
are different beings,
being different,
at different times we’re being them,
and seeing them,
see the eyes stay the same,
whether alien Assyrians,
or sentient Sumerians,
whether Griffins or Sirens,
or Phoenix Phoenicians,
the eyes stay the same,
everything else is in constant change,
same time space continuum,
regardless of the millennium,
regardless who’s calendar,
whether Mayan or Gregorian,
whether Hebrew or Ethiopian,
the faces might change,
the names might change,
but make no mistake it’s the same super-temporal beings...

we do not see,
that reality is not always what’s written,
not everything can be translated properly,
we won’t even change our evil ways,
when the floods come,
the temperatures rise and the earth quakes,
which is already happening,
the world’s gone mad man is in hysteria,
maybe the evil aliens have come back,
to finish what they started in Assyria,


It’s getting serious,
we’re all delirious,
no Eddy Murphy,
still we spiral,
downward in denial,
it’s the 11th hour plus :30,

when did human beings begin becoming something so corrupt,
since when is giving in any better than giving up,
high fives hand slaps finger snaps and five fingers up,
yeah I know we're dreamers but,
we brought our dreams into reality,
and really that's what's up,
so far gone,
we can’t even recall what sacred was,
I guess absolute power really does corrupt absolutely,
I guess that’s the fate of what hatred does...

So call in the Griffins,
to control these hedonist creatures,
they seem to have lost their souls,
praising false prophets calling faux pas soapbox speakers leaders,
So call in the Sirens,
so seducing with their surreal etherial still tangible features,
everything off except my chain of gold,
whether or not they want to see we’re gonna make them all believers,
messages from winged creatures...

Winged Creatures,
Hieroglyphic images,
Symmetrically symbolic pyramids...


The Poetry Trilogy: Pt. 4: Rebirth

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So much to write, with only so many lines, like so much to do, with only so little time, so really what else can I say, other than these words of mine, as I write this futuristic history, so we can remember these passing times... ∆

Last updated October 09, 2015