Soul War

My friends march to a war. I don't know if I'll see them again. They ask me to join. I refuse. Why fight? Not for glory. I won't join the army. I refuse to fight for a hypocritical country. A country that went to save other people, while its citizens suffered the same fate. A country that did the same thing to Japanese-Americans, that Hitler did to Jews. I refuse to fight for a country that to this day, doesn't recognize my citizenship. I won't fight for this country, but I am fighting. I'm fighting for my citizenship. I am fighting for my rights. I am fighting for those who have fought before me. I am fighting to be recognized as a young woman in a world dominated by men. I am fighting for my very being. No, I won't fight a war for this country. I will fight for my soul. I will fight for my people. Because in this war, like many others, lives are at stake. But this war, unlike many others, is for the lives of a race. A gender. This war is for the life of the world.

Zhy'yon Hoover

Controversial Writer. Freshman. Unpublished

Last updated February 06, 2017