House of Death

by Jack Bowman

The light sneaks through the window
The window boarded across
And when you feel the wind blow
It’s then you know you’re lost
All the worn out faces
In their worn out picture frames
Soon you’ll be found in this place
By the spirits playing games
The breath on the back of your neck
The screaming wooden floors
In the house that time has wrecked
And the creaking of the doors
In the house of death
You find yourself most alive
You slow you heart and breath
And you count to five
1, the counting doesn’t seem to work
2, you’re frightened as came be
3, you feel the spirits lurk
4, what scares is what you can’t see
5, You wonder of your being hear
At five you realize why
The reason is so very clear
This is where you’ll die
And in that moment you begin to know
The sensation of the breaths
It’s not fiction oh no oh no
Right behind you it’s me, Death
And you whip around
Knowing what you’ll see
You shouldn’t be surprised by what you’ve found
You knew that it’d be me
You ask me why in this room
This house, this town, this place
You know now that you’ve met your doom
As your heart begins to race
You’ll run and hide, it’s been done a million times
No not you, you’re strong yet weak
And as you hear the night bells chime
I reach and touch your cheeks
Your life is on my fingertips
Then slowly your life unbounds
Your final breath escapes your lips
And you crumble to the ground
I hang your picture on the wall
And let time wear it out
I’m ever coming though I may crawl
I’m coming without a doubts

Dark matters

I am. I am. I am.

Last updated November 29, 2015