Just for me

by Drora Matlofsky

A lizard on the wall
Runs and disappears.
Only I saw it
And You.

A yellow crayon under the bed,
Waiting patiently to be swept up...
Only I saw it
And You.

A woman on the bus
Furtively wiping a tear away,
Only I saw her
And You.

Benny lifting up his hand to hit his sister
And then putting it back down,
Changing his mind,
Only I saw it
And You.

The bird and the cloud,
The dust and the lost coin,
Faces my children make,
Songs they sing to themselves,
The turmoil and crying of my soul,
That only I can hear,
That only I can see
And You.

Thank You, God, fro creating a world
Just for me.

Drora Matlofsky has been living in Jerusalem since 1984. Her poetry in English has appeared in various poetry and Jewish magazines and her poetry in French can be found on the Poésie Française site.

Last updated December 06, 2015