Magic Words

by Patience Worth

Patience Worth

I am amused. I sit plying words,
Such cunning little puppets!
Think of "it." Ye may set "it"
Beside a noble and make of him a clod.
Yea, and "that," set at a proper angle
And rightly directed, is irony,
Or maketh revilement. "If" is a little
Swinging boat that never harbors.
"Was" is a part of Eternity,
Since it hath no part with today.
"See," is a command which is scarce
E'er followed-for few men see!
"Have," is an invitation, and needeth
No second offering. "Of," is a declaimer
Of kinship, and should be used
With discretion. "I," is the most abused word
Of the whole inhuman lot!
"You," is uttered like a song, in every key,
And carrieth the tone of its utterer.
The lover panteth "you"! And the finger
Of justice shaketh and pointeth it.
"We," is a communion. A strange mixture.
Think of it. Here "We" be!

Last updated January 14, 2019