by Janice Tran

My dear Master
Do not be afraid
Do not move
Do not speak
No one will see us
Stay as you are
I want to look at you

We have the night to ourselves
And I want to look at you
Your body over me
Your skin, your lips
Close your eyes
No one can see us
And I am here at your side

Do you feel me?
Like I touched you for the first time?
It will be with my lips
You will feel the warmth
But you will not know where
Perhaps it will be on your eyes
I will press my mouth to your eyes
And you will feel the warmth

Open your eyes my beloved
And look at me
Your eyes in my breast

Your arms lifting me
Letting me life's onto you
My faint cry
Your body quivering
There's no end to it
Don't you see?
You will forever be throwing your head back
I will be forever shaking off my tears

This moment had to be
This moment is
And this moment will continue from now until forever

We shall not see each other again
What we were meant to do
We have done

We have done it forever
Preserve your life out of my reach
And if it serves your happiness
Do not hesitate for a moment
To forget this woman
Who now says
Without a trace of regret

Life is deep

Last updated May 10, 2016