I don't turn my tears away
because it never comes without a reason.
It follows my foot steps
and digging my pains,
those are rains streaming from eyes
as rain falling from the sky on earth.

I am afraid of darkness
No one can make it disappear
It reminds me all of my pain.
It breaks my heart and swallows me
I am wandering in the darkness,
to get away from the portrait of sadness.

I have no tears left in my eyes,
but still my soul is crying.
You left me alone with your memories
It keeps hurting me,
No one can bring you back
I miss you more than words can say.

You are the shining star of the sky
You smile at me when I look at you,
that doesn't dim the light of my face
I live in the shadow of your memory.
Is this the fate of life....or
Is this the rule of life?

Nisha Mathew

A fun loving person with positive attitude .

Last updated October 22, 2015