Broken Causality

by Alan Garfoot

The torment.
Crushes this soul every day,
The same sorrow.
Replayed a thousand times.
Unable to escape,
The gravity of the loss.
A hurt you cannot avoid,
A pain you cannot ignore.
Through denial and ignorance.
That veil of illusion,
Behind which,
I hide my feelings,
From the brutal world,
Of my fractured heart,
And it’s broken beat.
Wretched how I ache,
Paralysed to the core,
Pinned by the agony and woe,
Of another tragic mistake,
In a savage cruel existence.

Alan Garfoot

Personal Biography:, Alan Garfoot comes from a small steel town in the industrial northeast of England called Scunthorpe; where he posters his poetry and abstract artwork around the town as street art on phone boxes, electricity boxes and abandoned buildings. He also has his abstract artwork for sale in Cafe Indie: the local art cafe and cultural hot-spot, contributing his part to the social ethos and subliminal culture of the town., He is as a professional artist and published writer and whose works as an independent Social Scientist, Philosopher, Psychologist, Physicist, Music Producer and prolific eclectic Poet whose work covers a wide range of topics, themes and genres. He has a vast selection of his creative and intellectual work is available for online purchase as printed posters, t-shirts and a wide selection other general merchandise which are also available to buy., Also if you have a Kindle: A vast selection of his published work of the modern day is available for immediate free download! If you are signed up, just search the Kindle Lending Library for 'Alan Garfoot'. If you would like to know more in general about the nature of my work or you are an individual wishing to collaborate, please feel free to contact me, or for more follow from the list of links...

Last updated April 11, 2016