Morning Walk

by Robert Lloyd Jaffe

As his eyes roll open wide
to face the chores of day,
a moment is taken
to hold the sleeping children
and keep his fears at bay.
Oh, what will happen,
and what will come,
when his strength,
his health,
and his money are done?
Walking to the next room
and watching his wife’s
closed eyes,
feeling the loneliness
and unanswered whys--
he wonders if she
can rescue him
and pull him up above,
like all those stories
about the power of love.
But she can’t even kiss him
good morning,
or good night,
as she toils in
some somber light.

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I am an observer and listener of the music of life. Where I find cadence, I find my interest and passion directed. It can be sound, light, smell, or purely an experience of thought. The sky, the sea, the mountains, and the machines that allow me to explore those places draw my attention, and give me serenity.

Last updated May 06, 2016