Musing on Paris Terror Attacks

My heart bleeds for the dead
in Paris terror attacks that spread
and opened the can of human hatred.

Be it French or Syrian,
Iraqi or American,
Pakistani or Indian,
Afghan or Russian,
Afghan or American,
color of the blood is red.
Pity nobody stops till blood is shed.

For the French the news is bad.
Though upbeat I feel sad.
They may have for years to tread
the war path with death uninvited.

Peace is an eluding prospect
of war in retrospect
waged against humanity
with hatred and impunity.

Proponent and opponent
though seemingly reluctant
will face each other with tantrum
and beat their violent war drum.

While the war is on rampage,
humanity is held hostage.
It rests on the saner seeker of peace to redeem
humanity from what they may seem.

Nov 28, 2015 ---
Jan 6, 2016

Sankari Prasad Sarkar

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Last updated May 01, 2016