Calin's Mirror

Who could I be?
Who is this person
that you show me?

Silver poured
by hands divine.
Otherworldly stillness
on a river so lifeless.

The timber that made you,
does not define you.
Perfectly carved,
as if poured from a mold.

The pond I see,
an ocean of tranquility.
I could never touch,
not harm such majesty.

The light strikes your surface
as if a room was hidden within you.
The faces that guard you,
strike the curiosity from my soul

their prideful stares
cower me
I am not worthy.

To what do you make
of those that look into you?
Hoping for perfection?
but what they see
Is what they need?

Who could I be?
You showed me
Who is this person?
You showed me.
I stare at I;
With my flaws
And nothing to hide.

My secrets laid bare;
but your guardians,
they do not care.

I was apparently a big deal in high school, my language teachers loved my poetry. I never saw the big deal, and I don't now.

Last updated November 21, 2021