Not Giving It

I have enough love inside of me
To love you every day special
From the brightness morning
to the darkest night,
I have enough love to
Love you every hour right.

I have enough of courage
to take whatever it takes,
to have you by my side,
To hold you tight

And Oh no,
I’m not going to give you up,
to anyone who’s gonna love
you the same or less,
You are the shape of my heart,
I’m not gonna settle up for less.

I’m never gonna give you,
and I’m never gonna stop,
fighting for you as
my heart is beating,
and as long as I’m breathing.

You can do whatever you want,
But you can’t stop me from
Loving you till eternity and beyond.


Tashana Bogatinovski's picture

Tashana Bogatinovski is born in Serbia, 01.06.1991., She graduated 2011th on ITacademy in Serbia, as a web designer, at the same time she won the bronze medal on EuropeanShip in shooting (prone discipline) as a junior.

Last updated October 16, 2015