With the reason I'm different

Do not make me
to do the things you want,
because I was born here for a reason
And with the reason I'm different.

Don't make me
to do the thing I don't want,
Cause If I really wanted them,
I would not need your sign mark,
I would have a mark on my heart.

Don't make me mad
or sad deliberately,
Cause I will notice,
and make you regret
considerably .

Don't consider me
strong , or weak,
smart or dumb;
I am a human being
And I attend to develop
In any form I want:
From weak to strong
From right to wrong,
From lies to sworn
From blue sky to storm,
from Storm to Shinning Sun,
From good to bad,
from bad to worse,
from amulet to curse;
From weapon to defend
to weapon for attack,
From smile do killing eyes,
from angel to devil to arise.
From black into white,
from day into night.
From princess to a Queen,
From good to mean,
From nothing to something
You have never seen.

So don't think you know me or own me,
and think instead of me what is the best for me:
I'm here for a reason:
I have my own path to success,
My own plan to progress,
My own quality to possess,
My own sorrow to reassess,
My own laws to transgress,
My own emotions to express
and story to confess.

So don't change me,
arrange me, strange me;
Cause you can't,
I am the one who choose
what to find me,
confine me, refine me,
or outshine me or define me:

But you can stand by me,
If you want to stand out
from the crowd, I Allow,
stand next to me and Be Proud;

Cause I'm here for a reason,
and with the reason I'm different.


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Tashana Bogatinovski is born in Serbia, 01.06.1991., She graduated 2011th on ITacademy in Serbia, as a web designer, at the same time she won the bronze medal on EuropeanShip in shooting (prone discipline) as a junior.

Last updated August 20, 2015