On the outside looking in

by Richard Okun

On the outside looking in

She always felt,
some rotten hand dealt,
and that she was,
on the outside, looking in.
But she began looking out,
from the inside,
and a different concept of self arose,
which made the two notions collide
and her whole world recompose.

Richard Okun

Richard Okun's picture

I am an artist/poet. I write vignettes which are short, simple-language, lyrical poems about spiritual and moral issues. I then paint a picture that represents this thought - sometime suing my puppy, Maya as a muse. My intentions were to give parents a tool to be able to discuss these important matters with their children, closening their relationship. I use simple language to enable all ages to understand complicated issues., I found that adults use these vignettes as inspirational - I have 4 published books -, www.thesunthemoonthestarsandmaya.com

Last updated July 12, 2017