Personality II

by Patience Worth

Patience Worth

That thing which be the ye of ye be intangible,
For it is the individual expression
Of the Great God's impulse in creation-
The "Instant" manifest. Being God,
Ye be fore'er the same-yet for ne'er the same!
The habiliments of the soul be weaved
O' experience, yea, and the fibre of its flesh
Becometh fat or lean by the intrusion
Of outward circumstance.
The perfecting of the in-man then,
Is in the hands of men-not man!
Yet man's steadfastness is the defense.
Fore'er in the pit burns the taper of that "Instant."
Selection is the power invested every man.
Discernment comes by comparison, and begins
At the instant man realizes his own difference.
Ye ken a man by his selection. Man
Presents as himself an accumulant selection,
Yet he hath in no way changed that pith
Which is the "Instant," and having been acknowledged,
This "Instant" is already perfect.
Oft is man's selection contamination.
Denial is an affirmative doubt.
Any man may create a man by selection,
But lacking the pith of the "Instant,"
It will not survive materially.
The test of sinew is in labor. The test
Of mind is in labor, and the mind of a
Man-created man may not labor.

Last updated January 14, 2019