Philosophies And Creeds

by Patience Worth

Patience Worth

I am weary of argument!
I have drunk philosophies and creeds
Till I am weary of supping.
What is a creed?
A packet of man's yeas and nays-
Tied with a cord of conviction.
What is a creed?
A bit of grain run through the hopper
That it come forth moulded in a meal
To man's liking. What be philosophy?
The torturous labor of man's argument
Clothed in the robe of the Lord Mayor!
Yet babes who have learned but to lisp
Have outdone sages in learning!
Philosophy, the slim sword,
Which wise men fence 'gainst the broad-sword
Of Fools. Philosophy! How oft at eve
Fools bend, and bending pluck up slender swords,
Snapped, fallen! Philosophy!
The stairway to learning; and when attained-
Man hath but a footstool-
'Pon which to reach for stars!

Last updated January 14, 2019