Reine and Avia

by Drora Matlofsky

I have been told my granddaughter Avia
looks like her mother.
I don't see it.
True, both are chubby and strong-willed.
Both are good at using charm
to get what they want.
But Avia has brown hair and brown eyes
and something of my grandmother
whose name was Reine,
Reine wasn't chubby,
but she must have been strong-willed
to survive
alone with two young children,
even though to me
she always spoke in a soft voice,
just as I speak to Avia,
never forgetting I am the link
between yesterday and tomorrow.

Drora Matlofsky has been living in Jerusalem since 1984. Her poetry in English has appeared in various poetry and Jewish magazines and her poetry in French can be found on the Poésie Française site.

Last updated December 01, 2015