Supa Strikas

by Drora Matlofsky

I am sory, Elisha.
I didn't really think Supa Strikas was frightening.
I was bored
watching the adventures of the super-football players
as if winning a match
was the most important thing in the world.
I tried to share your enthusiasm:
Oh, the baddies have caught the hero!
Where are they taking him?
How scary!

You froze.
You shuddered and said you didn't want to watch any more.
Well, neither did I.
But I am sorry I frightened you.
I didn't mean to spoil your pleasure.
After all,
what do grandmothers know about football?

Drora Matlofsky has been living in Jerusalem since 1984. Her poetry in English has appeared in various poetry and Jewish magazines and her poetry in French can be found on the Poésie Française site.

Last updated November 25, 2015