Sonet 4

William Alexander

Once to debate my cause whil'st I drew neere,
My staggering toung against me did conspire,
And whil'st it should haue charg'd, it did retire,
A certaine signe of loue that was sincere:
I saw her heauenly vertues shine so cleere,
That I was forc'd for to conceale my fire,
And with respects euen bridling my desire.
More then my life I held her honour deere,
And though I burn'd with all the flames of loue,
Yet frozen with a reuerent kind of feares,
I durst not poure my passions in her eares;
Lest so I might the hope I had remoue.
Thus Loue mar'd loue, Desire desire restrain'd;
Of mind to moue a world, I dumbe remain'd.

Last updated January 14, 2019