Sonet 79

William Alexander

The most refreshing waters come from rockes,
Some bitter rootes oft send foorth daintie flowres,
The growing greenes are cherished with showres,
And pleasant stemmes spring from deformed stockes:
The hardest hils do feed the fairest flockes:
All greatest sweetes were sugred first with sowres,
The headlesse course of vncontrolled houres,
To all difficulties a way vnlockes.
I hope to haue a heauen within thine armes,
And quiet calmes when all these stormes are past,
Which coming vnexpected at the last,
May burie in Obliuion by-gone harmes.
To suffer first, to sorrow, sigh, and smart,
Endeeres the conquest of a cruell hart.

Last updated January 14, 2019