Summer Birth

by Salvatore Buttaci

Two nesting cardinals perch in the tree,
swaths of red against the green still leaves.
High and barely hidden, the birds clinch
their claws to the dark sycamore limb.
An errant wind will not topple them.
Summer is everywhere! Trails in flower!

Insouciant to the chiding children below,
they peck affectionately at the gold straw
where the hatchling burbles in its nest.
The human scene below is illusory:
the Bohemian flower children
warrant neither fear nor scrutiny.

Salvatore Buttaci has been writing and seeing his poems in print since 1957. His work has appeared in The Writer, Readers Digest, English Journal, Anemone, Wind Bardic Echoes, Poet, and many others. He was the recipient of several poetry awards including the Cyber-Wit Poetry Prize of $500.00. Buttaci also is the author of several books of poems and two short-short story collection published by All Things That Matter Press. He lives with his wife Sharon in West Virginia.

Last updated July 17, 2017