The Candle

by Julie Ackerson

Let this candle be your beacon, be your light
Just know that everything is going to be all right.

It will be hard, it may take some time,
But in the end, you'll see the beautiful rhyme.

Things Unseen

Julie A. Ackerson's picture

Ever since I was a little girl, I have wanted to be a writer. I have always loved the thought that my words matter. I have always loved the idea of writing what I could never say out loud. I was shy, I was sad, and worst of all, I knew it. My notebooks were my prized possession. Each one had it's own personality and when I needed a friend, I knew that I would always have one. Over time, and as technology evolved, those notebooks turned into files and those files turned into folders and then I realized that the internet existed. I could not only write whatever I wanted, but I could share it with the world. I could do anything; I could be anyone. And that's how I turned my dreams, into reality. My name is Julie, and this is my dream.

Last updated October 29, 2015