The light within by Jitu Das poems

It was in the evening,
I was sleeping ,
Then the darkness started spreading ,
I felt miserable ,around me evil was dwelling ,
In my ears they started whispering,
every nightmares reminding,
It got loud,my head felt like bursting ,
Still I was in my bed helplessly lying,
The fans on the ceiling weirdly buzzing ,
All in darkness for the light I was waiting,
I was angry never came the light, that I was seeking ,
Darkness made me blind in that evening,
I could see nothing of that was dwelling,
Is in my soul existence was losing,
Then I give up that I was waiting,
I was tired my eyes were closing,
Then I saw a light for far away flickering,
All that was enough to see the happening ,
I felt strength, my misery started disappearing ,
No I could see my enemy flying ,
the loudness of my enemy was lowering ,
I knew now who I was becoming ,
the light within me was now leading,
the enemies were close but silently flying .

Jitu Das poems

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Who am I? I am Jitu Das, I am an Assamese man, Indian or a world citizen! But when I watched the sky, so big. I feel like I am a small, tiny part of this whole big business, thats when I loose my identity, I am not just an assamese, indian or world citizen, I am a citizen of the universe. I am also a conscience of the universe. I love you everyone.

Last updated August 27, 2015