The Truth!

Packing up all the past
Checking up all the emotions
Putting on the accessory of fake expressions
Dressing up to be nude again
As i start driving myself
In the latest temptation
The destination of future
Seems to drift far away
I do take break in between
To get air, to get sane again
But the temptation overpowers
And my soul pains...again
My brain asks my heart
Is it necessary to stand in traffic
With millions like u
Rather than traveling on the deserted road
And achieve your dreams with those few
My heart replies
No one wants to be a loner
No one wants to be a freak
Every person wants to be a cool one
Whom everyone loves, whom everyone wants to seek
No matter how good,
How disciplined you are
But if you won't give in
No one will ever want to recognize who you are
In this world of masqueraders
Where respect lost its value
And truth is something outdated
And being selfish is new trend
Friendship is up for sale
& heartbreak is brand new product
Hearing this my brain gave up
And now my heart got a new task
Guess now no one knows
Till when I'll be stuck here
With you all !!

Shailly Singh's picture

Hi I am Shailly Singh living the life like a speck in this universe. I have finished sailing in the creeks and waterfalls and have successfully entered the rivers and in few years will end up in the real deal, THE OCEAN. My friends describe me as home body or lazy. But I feel like the 1st law of Newton applies to me the best. I will continue to stay at rest until unless a motivation or an actual living being drags me out of my utopia. So when I feel like I want to entertain myself I like to write, draw, and break the floor and people's eardrums. MY vibrant personality describes the place i live in the best. I live in the small country with 2nd largest population, Last abode of asiatic lions, and one of the seven wonders of the world the TAJ MAHAL. Take a guess!

Last updated July 19, 2015