Wasting Time

by Frank Sheehan

It's part of life's journey
lingering through moments, hours
tranquilized by seductive
allures tripping afterglows

Beyond transgressions surmise
towering, drifting by eternity,
lusting for illusive fortunes.
Progressive illusions pester

daily surmises reluctantly
while expounding creativity
relentlessly, surreptitiously
arousing faithfulness

to your basic tenets
fostering mesmerizing dreams
peppering intelligence's realities
transferred to words

Scribbling utopian delights,
exuberance, extremes
realizing it's only a trip
down memory lane.


Frank Sheehan's picture

Frank Sheehan is a widely published American poet having been published since 1996. He was born in Manhattan and currently resides in Long Beach, New York.

Last updated November 28, 2016