What Does It Mean To Be Dead?

What does it
mean to be dead?

To be silent
amidst the talking mouths

To be still
while every feet is moving

To be deaf
amidst soaring noise around

To be blind
while whole world is on display in front!

What does it
mean to be dead?

To not to be
able to answer amidst all the question raining

To not to
feel anything, when emotions are all high around

To not to be
able to protest while being taken away

To not to be
able to cry, even while burned, buried in the ground!

What does it
mean to be dead?

To not to
feel that fear, which killed one every day

To not to
try to run away, while being chased away by past anymore

To not to
feel sadness for the failed expectations

To no to try
to hold on to something, that belonged to soul or did not

To let go
knowing it all will pass through time

Like sand
slips through hand, while being tried to hold on deliberately

When flesh
and blood loses its entity, while being washed away by own deeds

And soul
flees in silence, to infinity, to eternal peace

At the
epilogue a doubt arises in soul

What does it
mean to be alive?

curious, soul wonders

And a search
begins, Karma follows, Life continues!

Praveen Parasar

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A very complex yet simple guy, for whom whole world is same, and beautiful and just to spread love. love to write as it gives a self satisfaction and medium to express myself. you may be my friend@ https://www.facebook.com/p.parasar, my world of friedship is always open for everyone.

Last updated June 24, 2015