A seed's destiny

Like the other hundred it too was just another seed
Red , ripe , bright and juicy a pomegranate breed ,
A tree with leafy branches , full of fruits it’s dreaming
But it was in a mart to feed some hungry screaming ,
And in a hand it's ready to face life's bruises and fury
A helpless seed like other hundred praying for mercy ,
And destiny saved it from the first death by a knife
A knife so sharp which never faced even a single strife ,
But it fell down on the floor in the process of separation
Ready to be crushed down by any foot in the motion ,
But destiny picked it up and with other it was collected
In a bowl which was small and at many places perforated ,
And alack , it fell down again from that bowl with water
And was ready for it's end by going down in the gutter ,
But destiny picked it up and put it in a beautiful basin
Decorated , it was served with other mixed with resin ,
From spoon it saw a mouth , teeth and it's death , near
Seeing it's death it was numb and in deep fear ,
But destiny smiled and from there it fell down on the floor
And next day like a waste it's thrown out from the door ,
Now the poor little seed was in destiny's hand
But glad and free like a free bird in the vast land ,
A pomegranate tree with leafy branches , full of fruits
It was dreaming to make it real so spreading it's roots .

Trying to hear , my soul's whisper ...

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Trying to hear, my soul's whisper ...

Last updated April 20, 2012