The blanket is same always

Live with mohammad , live with zesus ,
Live with buddha , live with confucius ;

Live with krishna , live with akabar ,
Live with ashoka , live with alexander ;

Live with splendid , live with needy ,
Live with satisfied , live with greedy ;

All are inside out and under the same blanket ,
The shapeless mind like water takes shape of the bucket ;

So how can he or she give thee it with the definite sky ,
For the paint, the water and the canvas all are thy ;

You have to travel , you have to find ,
What is the secret only you can unbind ;

But blanket is still same and of same hue ,
When you find no need to rue ;

For it was and is and will be like this always ,
But the eye has blinked off forever the old gaze .

Trying to hear , my soul's whisper ...

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Trying to hear, my soul's whisper ...

Last updated March 24, 2012