Sonnet (X) : In the search of the physical immortality

In the search of the physical immortality
Some have been struggling since the eternity ,
How to prolong this life of bone and of flesh
Which dies after living in the physical gush ,
Why death is certain and “the not conquerable”
Even by the men who seem all time invincible ?
Who conquered the seven seas and the whole turf
Who enlightened their souls controlling mind’s surf ,
Is death really invincible and man not much strong
To defy the death and let his life forever to prolong ?
Or some other reasons to be blamed , noticed , here
Man gets bored after some time from this worldly affair ,
And don’t want to drag himself feeling useless and alone
So a short fulfilled life of glory is immortality , be known .

Trying to hear , my soul's whisper ...

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Trying to hear, my soul's whisper ...

Last updated April 16, 2012