A soul's DESIRE

Sitting at my terrace I am thinking , thinking of the two paths ;
One takes me to chaos , other gives me Sabbaths ;

Should I leave everything to claim my enlightenment ;
And say me another Buddha, for another moment ;

Or will I be the sinner or the saint ;
If I follow my five senses, at the end ;

And show my will to create the another mania ;
In the name of my karma ;
Quench my thirst , claim my immortality ;
In the name of my dharma ;

And what if one day my body will perish ;
Nothing will go with me , but then I too will not vanish ;

Generations will come and with my doom ;
They will remember my fame ;
A soul rose on this earth , walked its chosen path ;
And forever carved it's name ;

Sitting at my terrace I am thinking ;
Thinking to set a goal ;
To play my role ;

For I can’t leave this world which gave me some beginning ;
And with this , my wanderer soul got some meaning …

Trying to hear , my soul's whisper ...

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Trying to hear, my soul's whisper ...

Last updated March 12, 2012