Where I'm From

by Franci Welcker

I am from the sun setting skies,
The kite flying winds,
The bygone, story filled, pines.

I am from what used to be,
When present day,
Drains to memories.

I am from a family of four,
Who recently lost three,
And now has one more.

I am from the paper and pen,
The voice to be heard,
The mind to keep open.

I am from the apple trees,
Who bloom and blossom in the summer breeze,
And when winter comes,
And takes them away,
My soul too,
Is lost for a day.

I am from the voice that couldn't be saved,
My walls built up too high,
All ways afraid they'll cave.

I am from the ocean's salty waves,
The homemade wooden boats,
The hot summer days.
The sail filling wind,
The blue painted sky,
The world whizzing pass,
And I never asked why.

I am from the future to be,
Tomorrows words,
Yesterdays tendencies.

I am from what I try so hard,
A's in the gradebook,
And my time consuming art.

I am from the dreams that have died,
When the opportunity came,
And I let it pass by.

I am from the "Should've been",
The "Go with the flow",
The strongest of grudges are ones you let go.

I am from the Patriot's Heart,
Who honors the flag,
And thoughs who fought.

I am from the traditions passed down,
The loudest of words,
Are the ones without sound.

I am from a heart that craves company,
If one day I were to die,
The most likely cause would be "lonely".

For, who would live a life,
Constantly alone,
Digging your own grave,
Your life always postponed.

Being loved and being wanted,
Is all that I want,
Showing others who you are,
Because I'm from the heart.

Franci Welcker's picture

Hi, my name is Franci, I am 13 years old, and enjoy writing stories and poems. I want to become professional someday, but first I need feedback about the stuff I've got now, and if what I call "talent" is real, or just my imagination. Thank-you.

Last updated January 15, 2017